The neutral grounding series

WF-F Generator neutral grounding resistor panel



Description: WF-F-type generator neutral point resistor cabinet is designed for high-power plant generator neutral grounding resistor sets of devices. Generator voltage level mainly 6kv to 20kv. When the stator point grounding occurs when the limit ground current in a

Generator neutral grounding resistor 


Neutral Grounding Resistors are used to protect power transformers, power generators and other associated equipment in your power systems against 50/60 Hz faults.

2. Standard : Neutral Grounding Resistors are designed, rated, manufactured and tested in strict compliance with IEEE-32,DL/T 780-2001.

3. specifications:

4.Sales performance:Exported to India, Russia, France, Turkey, Malaysia etc. more than 40 countries and cities.


The resistor is made from nichrome, which with high efficiency of electric conductivity, high-temperature endurance, melting point is higher as 1400°,small temperature coefficient, steady resistance value, corrosion resistance etc., We provide the products with the imported resistor material on the customer’s requirment.

Sealing features of cubicle: double ring seal cubicle door and the screw bolt fastening structure can enhance the protective performance of the cubicle with highest level of IPSS. 

 Different with the traditional grounding cubicle: we developed the special intellect controlled unit for the enclosure based on the market, which with the LED display and 32-digital single chip inside of it . The cubicle can monitor the unbalanced current, the resistor plate, the grounding transformer and the enclosure temperature, it also can be tranfered into the controlling room and realize the unattended operation.

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