The neutral grounding series

WF-PXB Regulate automatically Arc suppression Coil



Description: WF-PXH bias Petersen Coil Automatic Compensation sets of devices in real-time monitoring of single phase grid current size, then the Petersen coil reactance value is large, equivalent ungrounded system. In the event of single-phase ground, in a very short

1 Functions of Arc Inductor
The urban power grids and medium pressure system in industrial and mining enterprises in our county are mainly ungrounded neutral point system (i.e. small current grounding) system. For this system, when single phase grounding occurred, the power grid can run with fault, which greatly lowers the running cost, and improves the reliability of power supply system. However, this power supply method is easy to generate arc over voltage and phase fault when single phase grounding current is too large, and cause enormous damage to power supply equipments. 
One of the methods to prevent from this damage is to concatenate a Inductor between neutral point and ground, which is normally called arc Inductor. It can effectively reduce grounding current so as to automatically extinguish electric arc. 
The ideal arc Inductor can in real time monitor the single phase grounding current of power grid while in normal running, and at that time, the reactance value of arc Inductor is large and equals to ungrounded neutral point system. When single phase grounding occurred, it can adjust reactance value in very short time to make idle component of residual current fundamental wave zero. We call this arc Inductor the ideal arc Inductor which can automatically trace and dynamically compensate. The WF-PXB-II Bias Magnet Arc Inductor Automatic Tracking Compensating Complete Equipment belongs to this category.   
2 Features of WF-PXB-II Bias Magnet Arc Inductor Automatic Tracking Compensating Complete Equipment
2. 1 Principle of bias magnet arc Inductor 
The bias magnet arc Inductor sets a magnetized iron core section in its AC operating coil. It can adjust AC equivalent permeance by changing the size of DC flux in magnetized iron core section to realize continuous adjustment of inductance. Its DC exciting winding adopts reversed series connection to cancel out the power frequency voltage inducted by the whole winding. By closed-loop regulation of output current of tri-phase controlled rectification circuit, it can realize the control of exciting current of arc Inductor. It can rectify the fixed small nonlinear implementation trends of this kind of arc Inductor by data processing capacity of computer.   
2.2 Features of automatic tracking compensating system  
① High accuracy of regulation 
Electronic control is continuous variable and adjustable. It can continuously adjust reactance by applying DC exciting current, and can adjust inductance value with high voltage load by speed of mS. 
② High reliability and long service time 
Whole static structure, without any moving parts, without contact in the complete equipment, high reliability and low noise  
③ Fast respond 
The respond speed of compensation is no larger than 20m/s
④ Online real-time scanning, automatic tracking and compensating 
Automatically track and scan the voltage and capacitance current of power grid of neutral point in the system 
⑤ Large regulating range
The regulating range of compensating current is large, and the proportion of upper and lower limit can reach to 6 – 10 times 
⑥ Dynamic compensation without damping resistor 
Adopt automatic tracking and dynamic compensation method to regulate the high voltage without damping resistor. There is no resistor burned fault due to control blank area and move in mistake or refused, and the power grid is safer and more reliable. 
⑦   High accuracy of measurement 
⑧ Complete functions of control system 
a) It can configure 422/485 serial interface as required by users, communicate with superior computer and monitoring device in substation, transfer capacitance current and device information in real time, and can transmit information of compensating current and residual current after the power grid occurred grounding fault.  
b) Switch between manual and automatic control mode
c) The device can select single phase grounding unit to monitor multiple sub-circuits 
d) With double-set operation function 
e) Equip with large screen Lattice figure liquid crystal display, which can show in real time the running status and parameter of system 
3 Overview of WF-PXB-II Bias Magnet Arc Inductor Automatic Tracking Compensating Complete Equipment
3.1 Instruction of complete equipment model 
The model of control cabinet is the same with the model of complete equipment. The 6kV and 10kV system control cabinets are with smoothing Inductor while 35kV and 66kV system control cabinets are without. 
3.2 Components of complete equipment 
WF-PXB-II Bias Magnet Arc Inductor Automatic Tracking Compensating Complete Equipment is generally composed by the following parts: 
(1) Microcomputer control cabinet 
(2) Bias magnet arc Inductor body
(3) 6kV and 10kV systems have grounding transformer while 35kV and 66kV systems or generator neutral point have not 
(4) Other attachments: arrester (non-mandatory), disconnecting switch (non-mandatory), high voltage vacuum switch and power cable. 
3.3 Instruction of bias magnet arc Inductor model 
The bias magnet arc Inductor body is divided into two classes of oil immersed and dry, and four series of 6kV, 10kV, 35kV and 66kV 

3.4 Instruction of grounding transformer model 
  Grounding transformer is used to provide a artificial and loaded neutral point for 6kV and 10kV systems which have no neutral points to support arc Inductor body. The grounding transformer can carry a continuously used secondary winding as transformer of station (substation). 
The grounding transformer is divided into two classes of oil immersed and dry, and two series of 6kV and 10k

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