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Second session of the CPPCC National Committee meeting was held in Beijing News

Counts:6682012-10-25 14:29:06 SourceUrl:中国电力新闻网

新闻摘要:跟着互联网的迅猛开展和遍及,一个新式的职业逐步显现出来,它就是web前端。 其实,"前端"这个词是2005年才逐步在国内鼓起的,在这几年中,web前端开发也逐步被开发人员注重,相应的也产生了一个新职位–前端工程师,Web前端开发技能包罗三个要素:HTML、CSS和JavaScript。

Second session of the CPPCC National Committee meeting on the 2nd afternoon held a press conference at the Great Hall of the General Assembly spokesman Lu Xinhua, Chinese and foreign reporters to answer questions. Lu Xinhua announced that the second session of the CPPCC National Committee meeting is scheduled at 15:00 on March 3 at the Great Hall opened, closed the morning of March 12.
Currently, the General Assembly of the preparatory work has been completed. As at 12:00 on the 2nd, in 2237 members, has been 2153 report to the Conference Secretariat. General Secretariat has received 840 proposals, 338 the General Assembly speech.
Five years to carry out the various consultation activities in more than 420
Lu Xinhua in answer to Xinhua News Agency reporters Guan Yujian and Quan Xieshang the issue of democracy, he said, is the primary function of the CPPCC political consultations, mainly plenary sessions, committee meetings, and other forms of consultation meeting of chairpersons. In addition, there are thematic consultations, constituency consultation, negotiation counterparts, proposals for consultation four platforms.
"We strive to incorporate political consultation in decision-making process, five years to carry out various consultations 420 times." Said Lu Xinhua, such as thematic consultations, in accordance with the overall situation of the Party and the country needs, according to the important demands of the masses, closely linked to the economic and social Among developing a comprehensive, strategic and forward-looking issues, thematic consultations provided for the CPPCC platform with the relevant government departments to-face consultation and dialogue, is characterized by a major party and government leading cadres to attend, the formation mechanism of dialogue and interaction put forward opinions and suggestions more mature.
Lu Xinhua, said the CPPCC in promoting deliberative democracy, innovation, negotiation platform, has made successful exploration and practice. During the conference, will be held in order to "improve the socialist CPPCC members to talk about deliberative democracy system" as the theme of the press conference, welcomed reporters to friends who will be interviewed.
Japan should make earnest efforts to improve bilateral relations
In response to a reporter's question about the Sino-Japanese relations, the Lu Xinhua said, "Share island" farce deliberately provoked the Japanese right-wing forces, the Diaoyu Islands are China's inherent territory, Japan has no power to take any form of Chinese territory the sale, regardless of Japan in what form "Share island", are the serious violation of China's territorial sovereignty.
Lu Xinhua said that if the Japanese side insisted on the Diaoyu Islands issue the wrong approach, warships dispatched SDF aircraft to China's normal cruising enforcement interference, resulting in "accidental discharge" to the fact that Japan must bear all the consequences.
Lu Xinhua stressed that China is a peace-loving country, still advocates through dialogue and negotiations and peaceful settlement of international disputes. China does not seek to stir up trouble, but not timid. China willing to work with all countries, including Japan friendly relations, but it is a principle, a bottom line, in relation to the issue of national territorial sovereignty will never concede.
Lu Xinhua said that in the current circumstances, the Japanese side must cease all activities undermine China's territorial sovereignty, especially leaders no longer irresponsible remarks, with China towards the same direction, in order to properly handle relevant issues, to improve bilateral relations make a real effort.
Changing the style and look forward to work together for the common people
In response to a reporter about how to understand and treat the CPC eighteen new leadership after the implementation of the New Deal, new wind, new ideas, the Lu Xinhua said the new leadership took office, they have emerged with the party's new wind power image of a more pragmatic and transparent access to public opinion at home and abroad praise and appreciation.
Lu Xinhua said, "As a CPPCC member, I hope this good start stick to it, many of our problems is not no rules, but insist on the issue."
Lu Xinhua, said changing style is the first step to change the style and look forward to the people act together, especially in education, health care, employment, pension and other aspects, the real good things for the masses, do solid work, do difficult .
Air quality standards for 18 years too long
Lu Xinhua in answer to a reporter's question on the ambient air quality issues, said that "As a Beijing resident, I want to breathe fresh air every day, you can see the blue sky."
Lu Xinhua said that at present China is in the industrialization and urbanization process of rapid development, the energy consumption, the energy structure is irrational, there are some poor corporate environmental awareness. Although environmental protection departments to do a lot of work, but not strong enough supervision. Vehicle population is increasing, "Today I heard a message that pollute the weather is more than 50% caused by a motor vehicle burning oil." After the release of the new standard, a number of cities including Beijing, has not yet reached the short term ambient air quality standards.
Lu Xinhua, said the early realization of this goal, the government departments there are a lot of work to do. To strengthen investment and legislation to broad public participation, corporate social responsibility to take on, the media should strengthen supervision.
Proposed for the relevant departments in major cities by 2030 to achieve or attain national air quality standard schedule, Lu Xinhua said the main cities to achieve or meet national air quality standards, "18 years too long, hoping to shorten the time."
Opening session, closing session and other plenary sessions open to foreign reporters
Lu Xinhua reports, this will be the opening of the CPPCC session, closing session and other Chinese and foreign reporters on the opening plenary session, panel discussions and the case will be open sectors Lianzutaolun CPPCC websites published in advance, and some proposals will be published online and during the General Assembly held two proposals for consultation.
He said that during the General Assembly will be held in the Central and the National Federation of Democratic leaders press conference, "CPPCC Tan promote scientific development" press conference and the "CPPCC members talk about deliberative democracy and improve the socialist system" press conference, will be invited to the democratic parties and the National Federation President, some CPPCC members to attend and answer questions from reporters.
In addition, nine members of the session panel discussion will be in economic development and ecological construction as the theme, socio-cultural and political development as the theme, organized two Assembly. CPC Central Committee and State Council departments responsible person will participate in panel discussions, listen to General Assembly, the Supreme People's Procuratorate official members will also hear reports on two high opinion. The newly elected chairman of the CPPCC National Committee in the closing speech at the meeting.

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