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"Three cross" UHV project approved soon a speech

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Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry of Land, respectively, approved the Ya'an - Wuhan UHV project environmental impact report, the report of soil conservation programs and land-use pre-advice "triple cross" UHV (Huainan - Nanjing - Shanghai, Zhejiang North - Fuzhou, Ya'an - Wuhan UHV project) get all the national supporting documentation, approval soon. State Grid, said the person, Ya'an - Wuhan and Nanjing East UHV - Zhejiang UHVDC two lines is expected to lead to obtain NDRC approval.
State Grid Energy Research Institute deputy chief economist Bai Jianhua said in the past UHV construction speed has been as expected, but in 2013 the construction of UHV will enter accelerate development. "One is the rapid development of new energy sources such consumptive become a major problem, on the other haze and other environmental issues will also be forced large-scale coal bases and coal power project in the central and western regions, and other economically developed eastern regions will be more electricity increasingly rely on long-distance transmission. "

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