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Two sessions focus on: UHV construction to become a hot topic this year's two sessions

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"Proposals approved as soon as possible and start building a number of conditions are ripe, the current needed UHV AC and DC projects to promote UHV AC and DC coordinated development." This is the CPPCC National Committee, China EPRI to two sessions this year, deputy chief engineer Peter Choy submitted a report entitled "Regulations on accelerating the development of UHV power grid, to promote the effective use of the green clean energy," the contents of the proposal.
Two sessions this year, several members expressed concern on behalf of UHV power grid construction, proposed to speed up the construction of UHV speed and scale.
For a long time, China's power industry development of local balance have formed a large-scale, long-distance coal energy allocation pattern. Excessive dependence on coal energy distribution, coal transportation tense contradiction occurs repeatedly, for example, in East China coal input and power input ratio of up to 48:1.
Meanwhile, coal trading chain length, links, coal prices high and volatile, driven price increases.
Peter Choy members felt that "Twelve Five" period, the state will focus on building Shanxi, Ordos Basin, eastern Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, five southwest and comprehensive national energy base, these bases in the eastern part of the electricity load center distance of 800 to 3000 km, the local Clean Energy consumption can not be satisfied locally, must be thorough UHV power grid in the east.
"Proposals to further increase the support of UHV construction efforts, the introduction of preferential policies for land use, etc., in compensation, relocation and other aspects of civil coordination, improve relevant policies and standards." Peter Choy members expressed. Two sessions this year, concerns the construction of UHV Peter Choy more than one person, NPC, Changde, Hunan Electric Power Bureau de force unionized General Liu Shaoying even suggested that "the progress of the construction of UHV projects, land acquisition, demolition, compensation and other aspects of the work included in the all levels of government performance appraisal. "Liu Shaoying representatives considered that, in view of UHV project involves a very wide, often encountered in the process of building grid construction land acquisition, relocation compensation standards are not unified, the relevant formalities fee standards are not uniform and other issues affecting the effective progress of the project, so the above proposals put forward.
As a comprehensive energy output from the base of the NPC, Xinjiang Yili transport inspection work area power transmission lines running squad leader Qin Zhong expressed the same view, he suggested to accelerate Xinjiang UHV "Xinjiang Power Delivery" DC channel construction, " Xinjiang Electric Delivery "create more favorable conditions.
Qin Zhong representatives considered that the Xinjiang region rich in energy resources, Xinjiang electrosurgery sent Central, North, East and other regions, strong support of the mainland electricity demand while being able to greatly enhance the power of wind power, solar and other clean green energy capability to accommodate Xinjiang will also gradually become clean and green energy and secondary energy integrated energy industry base, the real energy resource advantages into economic advantages.
It is understood that the national grid is expected in 2013 grid investment over 300 billion yuan, will start the construction of seven UHV, including 4 AC and three DC lines.

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