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WF-KSX196H Computer harmonic elimination device



Description: WF-KSX196H harmonic elimination device is the company developed a new type of intelligent electrical resonance elimination device, easy to use, no maintenance, can quickly eliminate all the ferromagnetic resonance frequency, high accuracy. According to us


1.1 Widely used in AC or DC system of 85V~265V.

1.2 Electromagnetic compatibility: level 4.

1.3 Aluminum alloy enclosure, shielding electromagnetic interference effectively.

2. Function:

2.1 Eliminating harmonic.

2.2 Monitoring

2.3 Record items.

2.4 Communicating

2.5 Self-checking

2.6 Display

2.7 Real time clock inside running within 7 days after interruption of power supply

3.Ambient condition:

3.1 Working temperature:-25°C~55°C

   Storing temperature: -25°C~70°C

3.2 Relative humidity:5%~95%

3.3 Air pressure:80kPa~110 kPa(altitude:below 3km)

4. Specification:

4.1 Rated valtage:100V(zero sequence)

4.2 Watt consumption: zero sequence voltage return circuit :not exceed 0.5VA

Power return circuit: not exceed 10W

4.3 Output: 4 lines, with optoelectronic isolation, use inner 24V power.

4.4 Test range:

Zero suquence voltage: 0~2.4Un

4.5 Test accuracy: level 1

4.6 Power: DC or AC 85V~265V

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