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WF-PGY Relay test power supply panel



Description: WF-PGY-based relay protection test power screen for the field test and other tests to provide a stable and convenient AC and DC test power supply, a variety of tests to improve the quality of work, protection of personal safety equipment, providing a reli

The WF-PGY relay protection testing power panel is designed and produced by our company based on the relevant provision of Power Plant, Substation Project and Relay Protection Testing Instrument Configuration Quota and Relay Protection Testing Regulations promulgated by Department of Energy, as well as Anti-accident Measures for Power System Relay Protection and Safety Automatic Loading issued by the Ministry of Electric Power Industry, able to provide the field relay protection test with reliable, stable and convenient AC and DC power supply, and provide a reliable guarantee to improve the quality of relay protection test and protect persons and equipment against risks.

The equipment is applicable to power plants and substations as standards power supply for relay protection test.

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