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WF-WJZ Microcomputer small current grounding line selection device



Description: WF-JD microcomputer small current grounding line selection device, in a system of single-phase ground, accurately and quickly elected grounding lines or buses. Easy to use, no maintenance, according to the user needs to relevant information through the co


can quickly and accurately find out the single-phase grounding line of small current systems 

The WF-WJZ computer-controlled small current grounding line selection devices are a new generation of intelligent line selection equipment developed by our company based on the latest technology and advanced theory, which can quickly and accurately find out the single-phase grounding line of small current systems. This kind of devices takes the RISC single-chip microcontroller produced by U.S. Atmel computing acquisition, logic estimation and control center, and takes LCD displays, signal indicators, touch keys and micro-printers as the man-machine interfaces, featuring easy operation information and distinguishes the bus and outlet grounding, with communication interfaces equipped to provide the basis for on-site analysis of relevant departments.

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