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Description: For capacity 200kvar and above, the voltage is 10 ~ 35kV class oil immersed magnetron reactor. Where this series reactor through normal after arriving at the scene, you can assemble the parts concerning disassembly, do acceptance testing project, qualifie

           First, the scope
This manual applies to capacity 200kvar and above, the voltage is 10 ~ 35kV class oil immersed magnetron reactor. Where this series reactor through normal after arriving at the scene, you can assemble the parts concerning disassembly, do acceptance testing project, qualified, could be put into operation.
Second, the product model


Third, the normal conditions of use
1 is not more than 2000 meters above sea level.
(2) the ambient temperature
Maximum temperature of +40 ℃
Minimum temperature -45 ℃
3 insulation pollution: Equivalent Equivalent salt density 0.12mg/cm2
Note: Out of the above conditions of use should be declared in the contract.
Fourth, transport
1, the method of transport to the installation site, mainly for road or rail transport, such a reactor is always filled with oil transportation. Road transport, if the tape storage cabinets, storage cabinets when loading the front end should be close to the direction, with a rope fastened, driving speed to achieve a smooth, non-brakes. Rain and snow should not be checked. Should be accompanied by parts, spare parts, factory technical documents, and the other installed Cabinets shipped together with the reactors.
2, lifting the reactor period, should be used simultaneously on the four hanging tank mix, the four hanging mixed reactors can withstand the total weight of the mix is strictly prohibited to use only two or hanging on the cover plate lifting weight lifting, lifting when the angle between the rope and the vertical shall not exceed 30 °.
3, the transport process, the inclination of the reactor shall not exceed 15 °.
Road transportation, the reactor should always look fasteners and, if loose should be tightened.
Fifth, acceptance
User units after receipt of reactors should immediately check the nameplate received the product model, specification, and ordering the contract to see if it matches; along with the list of documents at the factory, check technical documents and attachments are complete, and check :
⑴ reactors oil leakage, oil leakage phenomenon;
⑵ products and parts for damage;
⑶ consumable parts, such as pressure relief valves, signal thermometer, tube, gas relay, oil level gauge and other damage.
Six, storage
When the reactor is not installed immediately and requires long-term storage should be placed in a safe location to avoid collision damage and should always check the oil level gauge buoy confirm the upper oil level is normal, oil level should be kept above the casing.
Need to disassemble the conservator for the transport of the reactor, the conservator shall be installed inside the tank and fill with the same specifications qualified transformer oil to a predetermined position. Storage cabinet must be installed on the breather to ensure that the transformer breathing, prevent the temperature rise caused by increased pressure inside the emergence of polyethylene sealing surface oil spills.
Seven, the total assembly
1, do not remove the transport reactor can be put into operation before the pilot projects. Removing transport reactor must be installed prior conservator and the heat sink.
2, the installation mercury thermometer, thermometer, while the signal, to the thermometer is filled with transformer oil base.
3, assembled other components.
4, in the multi-tube type oil tank level gauge side bottom of the booster 15-20mm, the multi-tube oil level hole open, into the casing properly qualified transformer oil to the oil level (depending on the ambient temperature given its oil height). Oiling all deflated plug must be opened again when Mao sealed.
5, after the injection transformer oil, the gas relays, etc. deflated plug casing sealed, and inspect all sealing surfaces for 24 hours, check whether there is oil leakage phenomenon, and the re-release of the gas relay gases. Transformer oil in the sidebar, it should be noted recharge transformer oil type, origin or oil-based, different types of transformer oil generally not mixed use, mixed-use if required after passing the test before use.
6, take transformer oil samples for laboratory analysis.
7, oiling is completed, you should start doing seal test, the test method is as follows:
Reactor pressure hydrostatic test body: the use of the conservator 40Kpa filling hole with a clean, dry compressed air static pressure test and maintain 10 hours should be no oil leakage and permanent deformation of the tank does not exceed the standard.
Hydrostatic test pressure control box: the use of multi-tube oil level hole, with a clean, dry compressed air 20Kpa hydrostatic test and maintain 10 hours should be no oil leakage and permanent deformation does not exceed the standard cabinet.
8, the test note:
⑴ If the pressure relief valve, it is self-locking.
⑵ the casing is filled with transformer oil.
⑶ gas relay deflated.
9, reactor equipped with a gas, such as relays, mounted to the foundation, the gas relay end, should be boosted 10-15mm make some slightly tilted reactor to increase the sensitivity of the gas relay operation. If the oil level gauge found no oil, oil level gauge should open upper deflated show normal; otherwise qualified transformer oil filling.
 10, Block thermometer placed in the reactor lid, the mercury thermometer scale ranges from -20 ℃ to 110 ℃, the thermometer should be placed inside the seat tube transformer oil, when the thermometer and the thermometer is available when there is a gap between the seat clean cloth or wrap tightly.
The measurement of the temperature of the reactor top oil temperature, the top oil temperature minus ambient temperature is top oil temperature, the temperature rise in the general technical conditions shall not exceed the specified maximum limit.
Temperature should be observed to ensure the observer away from the high-voltage porcelain guide rod and wire, to avoid high-pressure electric shock.
Technical conditions for oil temperature exceeds maximum limits, shall immediately ascertain whether the operation is not normal, the load is over the limit, according to the seriousness of the person in charge, respectively, to report to duty.
Regularly check the thermometer seat transformer oil is present, clean, or reduce evaporation if found should be promptly added. Check the cap is intact; such damage should be replaced in order to avoid corrosion.

Eight, put into operation
After the reactor assembly, should elapse before operation in the following test:
1, measure the insulation resistance.
2, measuring DC resistance.
3, the outer construction-frequency high voltage test, the test voltage according to 80% of the factory test standards (see product test reports on record), which lasted for one minute.
4, the measurement of the reactor load current, measured results with the factory test results should be no significant difference (see the product on the appropriate test lab report values).
Note: The above test shall be filling the reactor for at least 10 hours later, the tests should be kept above items order of procedure.
5, the reactor through the above tests, checks should be carried out as follows:
(A) setting protection devices: gas relay, overcurrent breaker, differential relay action.
(2) Test the oil circuit of the drive mechanism and the operation interlock device.
(3) Check the thermometer reading.
(4) Check the entire reactor irrelevant whether there are other items exist.
(5) fuel tank is grounded.
(6) whether the oil spill.
(7) equipped with a gas relay reactors in operation in the test, the first gas relay signal contacts connected to a power reactor trip circuit, over-current protection limit setting for the instantaneous action.
(8) the supply side of the reactor should be access to power, because the reactor protection devices mounted in the side of many, if not normally be able to produce promptly cut off the power supply.
(9) After testing, cut off the power, re-adjust the overcurrent protection setting value, and gas instrument signal relay contacts connected to the alarm circuit, the trip relay contacts connected to trip circuit protection.
(10) If the voltage reactor test results of the access well, the load can be accepted, put into operation.
(11) reactors in operation, should always check the oil temperature indication and indication and protective devices (gas relays, etc.) to ensure its reliable operation, always check each seal oil leakage.
(12) the pressure relief valve on the attention of:
a) the body pressure relief valve on the tank: pressure release valve top nut has a thin metal were mounted, test, intended to ensure the release of overpressure valve will not malfunction. After the test, you should unscrew the nut, remove the thin metal were mounted, and screw on the nut, can be put into operation. Small-capacity product with a bucket on the body such as the oil level gauge (with pressure relief valve), then precautions see the oil level gauge body (see "Pressure relief Manual").
b) on the control box with a pressure release valve with a tubular oil level: The oil level gauge is shown in the upper part of the window labeled in blue when the normal, ie above the oil level in the tank cover, red mark appears when the oil level exception, the oil level in the tank cover less need of appropriate fill oil. Put into operation before the need to tighten the top screw pine oil level gauge, to lay down its U-shaped rod, so that the pressure release valve to normal operation.

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