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As China, Wei-fan determined to make the world,

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Schneider throw "killer"
Which lasted three months, attracting 13,000 partners, customers, experts and government officials, organized 193 technical seminars, Schneider Electric "2010 Solutions Summit" in big sweeping Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an, Nanjing, Shenyang and other places after , recently in Beijing ending.
Such a large scale as well as other activities in the Schneider Electric business is rare in history. Stationed in China 23 years later, Schneider Electric "running" in major cities all over China, as is the new trend catching the electrical industry - carbon boom. "International Finance" correspondent was informed, overwhelmed, "transaction", Schneider Electric aims to promote strategic transformation - from a separate electrical equipment manufacturer to a solution provider changes.
"Green energy solution provider," which is Schneider believes that the future can continue to develop the China market "killer."
Zhu Hai, president of Schneider Electric China in the "International Finance News" reporter, said: "Energy issues have become increasingly prominent, the increasingly popular concept of energy efficiency, at present, the global industrial, construction and other cost more than 70% of the energy, resources, Over 50% of carbon dioxide emissions to be achieved through energy efficiency. Schneider Electric as a whole by providing innovative solutions that can help customers achieve energy saving target of 30%. "
ZHU Hai-called energy saving solutions is Schneider launched EcoStruxure energy efficiency management system. This system integrates Schneider in the power, industrial, construction of buildings, data centers, security five areas of expertise to help customers create a more simple, transparent, savings can be applied across all areas of intelligent energy management systems.
€ 25 billion "green" ambitions
Siemens a "winning hand"
Electric power, industrial, construction, green building ...... Schneider system areas covered immediately reminiscent of the electrical industry, another giant - Siemens. In recent years, home appliance industry in Japan, Korea and China are no longer local enterprises squeezed profits, Siemens' core business began to various "technical solutions" metastasis. Since the 2007 implementation of the "Green Building Plan", Siemens tentacles from the energy, healthcare, transportation and other fields extend to the real estate industry.
Coincidentally, Schneider expressed almost in China "by Green 'wishes at the same time, Siemens revealed a similar message. Siemens CEO Peter Löscher Global said in an interview, Siemens plans to 2011, a combination of environmental protection products corresponding volume of business increased to 25 billion euros. "We are greatly exceeded our competitors." Loescher said.
Kema He is vice president of Siemens China revealed a somewhat unexpected figure. According to statistics, and environmental protection-related businesses of Siemens worldwide to bring 23 billion euros revenue in 2009, this "green" 40% of revenue contributed by the Chinese market. Chinese market has become the Siemens energy saving and environment-friendly products and solutions best-selling market.
Some analysts pointed out that the low-carbon industry will become Siemens' primary means to break the deadlock in marketing, which is constantly in the recent Siemens executives emphasized various combinations of product growth target of environmental causes. The so-called "green products" is likely to become the success of Siemens' business in China, "winning hand."
"A company" VS "one company"
Two giants fight "Stolen Life"
Schneider Electric, the global executive vice president and president of Asia Pacific Hong shore ceremony to accept the "International Finance News" reporter, said the company, including the Asia-Pacific region, including China market sales growth of up to 24 percent, the growth rate of Western Europe, North America market four times. "China's market after the United States, Schneider has become the world's second largest market."
When Siemens rhetoric in China "significantly outperform their competitors", the Schneider apparently unwilling to fight. Interestingly, the two giants of the R & D organization has moved to Beijing. Siemens set up a "Siemens China Beijing Research Institute", Schneider put the Asian headquarters and the headquarters of China also moved to Beijing Wangjing Science and Technology Park.
"Pacific Centre moved to Beijing, will further enhance the China market leadership in here we can make better use and sharing of resources in China." Hoi said
Zhu Hai told reporters that the center will be relocated to Beijing Asia Schneider is in fact "a company" strategy, an important step. It is understood that Schneider's including APC, Morton, Clipsal other brands, but few people know that these brands are under the Schneider Electric. Therefore, in order for consumers to be able to have better cognitive Schneider brand, but also in order to allow more efficient internal operations of Schneider Electric, Schneider proposed a "one company" plan.
"We are a brand, we want to establish in China a very strong brand - Schneider Electric." Hung shore ceremony said. A more powerful brand, a more powerful company, which is in China Schneider Siemens compete with another large company "green" market, the first step in chess.

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